Adult Day Care Littleton

What is Adult Day Care?

Day care is for seniors who need supportive services but do not require round-the-clock professional supervision and care. Our day care program offers care, assistance, and social opportunities to seniors while giving respite to their families and caregivers. With adult day services, seniors with health problems, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic illnesses, or physical disabilities are able to continue to live at home while receiving professional services in a group setting. Involvement in our day care program can increase a senior’s health, outlook, and chances of remaining in your home.

Our day care provides a safe and caring setting for adults who cannot be left at home alone. At the Summit Adult Day Care, they can socialize with their peers and participate in outings, and activities.

What is included in Day Care?

At Summit Adult Day Care, our professionally trained staff looks after the needs of your loved ones in the way you would. We provide for their needs while promoting the highest level of independence possible. Our services include:

  • Home cooked meals from a various menu.
  • Between meal nutritious and fresh snacks
  • Medication Administration
  • Incontinence Management
  • Plus all of the activities that are scheduled for that time

What does it cost?

Rates will vary depending on the amount of care your loved on will need, but it is usually between $50 and $90 per day.

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