Assisted Living Homes In Littleton CO

Wadsworth House

8603 S. Wadsworth Court
Littleton CO 80128

Newland House

7070 Newland Court
Littleton CO 80128

Sometimes seniors need as much care and attention as possible. This is because many senior citizens experience a variety of conditions that affect their quality of life. Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, for example, hinder them from making the most of their time as senior citizens. When a family member starts having trouble during their senior years, it may be ideal to look for the right partner in taking care of him or her.

Lighthouse Assisted Living provides the most appropriate environment for seniors that require assistance. We treat residents as family in our assisted living homes. With six locations in the South Denver metro area, these facilities offer the best service that caters to every resident’s needs. Our assisted living homes in Littleton are all comfortable and spacious, and have features designed for the unique needs of our senior residents. The ranch-style homes provide a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere ideal for senior living.

Providing the Best Care Seniors Deserve

All our staff members have extensive experience in taking caring for the elderly. They always make sure residents feel loved and special. We prepare different programs that aim to address different health and social issues encountered by the residents. We want them to receive the best care and attention they deserve. Many families trust us because of the quality of service we provide; and we’ll continue to improve it to achieve and maintain high levels of satisfaction.

Homes are located in senior-friendly communities where residents can participate in a variety of different activities, socialize with other senior residents and much more. The houses are all near major transportation routes and other important amenities like parks and shops. We have locations in neighborhoods that are safe and have facilities catering to elderly residents.

Contact us if you have any questions about our assisted living homes and services. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a tour when you are ready. Visiting our assisted living homes is the best way to choose the right place for your loved one.

Lighthouse Assisted Living

Provide assisted living services to seniors
7070 S. Newland Court Littleton, CO
Phone: (720) 344-7217

Once you have reviewed the assisted living locations above please give us a call to setup a tour to see if one of our homes may be right for your loved one.  Call us today!

Our Locations

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