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Lighthouse Assisted Living provides quality senior care and services in six locations across the Southern Denver metropolitan area. Our Littleton assisted living facilities offer a comfortable environment for seniors. We make sure all residents receive the care and attention they need to live happier and healthier. We start by creating a quiet, comfortable, and relaxing environment. Our facilities serve as their second home where they can participate in different social and physical activities. Let our team take good care of your loved ones and trust that we won’t ever let you down.

Providing the most appropriate atmosphere for seniors is one of our main objectives. We put an extra effort to keep our facilities clean and organized. We ensure that the environment is suitable for our residents. Our programs and policies are geared towards the seniors’ health and social improvement. Our experienced team of caregivers is always ready to attend to the needs of every resident.

We are a Family

We call our facilities ‘homes’ because we are a family. We understand that you want only the best for your loved ones, so we work hard to meet and exceed your expectations. We maintain a vibrant and home-like setting so seniors can continue living their lives to the fullest. Our highly trained staff members are friendly and polite; they treat each and every resident just as they would actual family.

We Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

We want our residents to enjoy a comfortable stay in our facilities, so we give them options. They can choose from our private and semi-private rooms as their sleeping areas. We have a dedicated team that cleans and maintains each room. We also have patios and other outdoor facilities where residents can relax. Your loved ones can enjoy their favorite hobbies or games in our recreational areas.

Lighthouse Assisted Living takes a more personal approach to providing care for all residents. We make sure staff members are available to help residents during the day or at night. We also conduct events and outings to make the residential stay as enjoyable as possible for the seniors we care for.

Call us for more information about our services and schedule a tour in our assisted living facilities in Littleton.

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