How Medicaid Works in Assisted Living
in Littleton CO

At Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes in Littleton CO, we make sure our clients have access to different payment options. Apart from private funds and long-term care insurance, your loved one may be eligible to join an assisted living program through Medicaid (with specific restrictions and limited availability).

Medicaid is a joint program of the state and federal government that helps citizens with low income receive different health care services. The program covers medical and long-term care services. Unlike Medicare, your family can use Medicaid to pay for custodial care in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  

Here’s how Medicaid works:

Home and Community Based Services

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) is a Medicaid program for the disabled and elderlies requiring long-term care services. HCBS aims to create a sustainable support system for seniors and citizens with disabilities and chronic conditions. Beneficiaries of the program can choose from a range of quality services, including nursing care facilities and assisted living programs. 


For beneficiaries to qualify for HCBS, they must meet the following conditions:

•    Your loved one needs medical care
•    Your family resources, such as life insurance and savings, are below the amount specified by Medicaid.
•    The income of your loved one should be lower than $1,656. When the income of the applicant is higher, think about setting up an Income Trust.


When your family member qualifies for HCBS, Medicaid pays for medical and custodial care services, such as assistance in performing personal care, laundry, meal preparation, and house cleaning.

To enjoy these benefits, make sure that your loved one is in an Alternate Care Facility (ACF) that is licensed by Medicaid. 

Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes in Littleton, CO offers comprehensive services for seniors who need help with daily living.  We provide services to residents suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, incontinence, and Parkinson’s. Contact us to learn more about our services and your payment options.   

Assisted Living cost's in Littleton Colorado can vary.  Click the following link to learn the Ways To Pay For Assisted Living in Littleton, CO.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help you navigate your situation.

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